Kohler Designs the Ultimate Porcelain Throne for Men

I bet you’ve never given much thought to your porcelain throne, yet it is probably one of the few places in your home where you can get some much needed piece and quiet. Unfortunately, it is also probably one of the most archaic rooms in your home, but it doesn’t have to be. Introducing the […]

Infinity Walls by Pixers

The Infinity Pool has long been admired by us. So much in fact, we’ve been hoping that someone would develop a similar product that one could enjoy in their own home. In other words, a means to create vast, never-ending space within a rather cramped urban condo or apartment. Pixers has answered our call. Wall […]

Steelcase Gesture Chair for the Modern Businessman

While you have been toiling away in your old office chair, Steelcase has been busy conducting surveys to see how the modern businessman goes about his day in a single chair. What they discovered is that technology has vastly changed the way a chair needs to function. Long-story-short, there are at least nine different stances […]

Luc & Andre Spirit of 427 Wall Lamp

The Spirit of the infamous 429 Cobra lives on in the studios of Luc Siodmok and Andre Sapierzynski. And as of recently, it has also found its way onto some Gentleman’s wall–and why should he be having all the fun? The 427 Wall Lamp is a unique performance piece for your bachelor pad, which brings […]

Little Cape Town Bachelor Pad that Could

From the view on the street, this quaint little bachelor pad looks like a modest one-story with the possibility of at least a decent ocean front view. Most buyers might continue past, thinking that there must be something better down the way. You see, Cape Town has a lot of nice homes to choose from, […]

The Ultimate Sky Garage Bachelor Pad

Here’s a little (3,600 sq ft) penthouse apartment that just might suit your needs. It is located on the posh 200 Eleventh Avenue Block in Manhattan, New York, and is one of the only buildings in the world that prides itself as being completely “paparazzi proof”. It features some humble amenities, including wall-to-wall windows, glass […]

Hanger 54 Ejector Seat Bar Stool

When you first take a glance at Hangar 54’s Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat bar stool, you might be thinking to yourself, Wow, those are a rather lovely recreation of the actual thing. And this is the part where we tell you that these are the original seats that came with an RAF […]

Transform Your Bachelor Pad with a Man Candle

When guys used to think of a man candle, the aroma of bacon, sawdust, and beach babe used to be about as tantalizing as it would get. And to tell you the truth, it really wasn’t all that tantalizing. For the serious gentleman who prefers his bachelor pad to maintain the lingering essence of aged […]

Summer Drink Gadgets Every Guy Should Own

The summer block party’s are in full swing, and unless you have a time machine, you’re probably in need of updating at least a couple of the ancient artifacts leftover from your college days. Everything from making your drinks easier to open, see, and enjoy have been covered below, and if we missed something, kindly […]

4 Extreme Bicycles for the Ultimate in Urban Commuting

To some people anything without a motor is too tame to be extreme. However, once you start to mention a few of the brands building these two-wheel quadriceps powered beasts, like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and McLaren, the extreme bicycle begins to find a source of respect. The thing about extreme bicycles is they weren’t built for […]