Star Wars Theory – 3 Ways Darth Sidious Could Appear in the New Trilogy

More than likely, the minds at Lucasfilm will not be bringing Darth Sidious into this new trilogy. Wouldn’t it be great if they did? After all, who better than the most powerful Sith Lord to stir up trouble for the new Jedi. What better character sums up evil incarnate than Palpatine in his Sidious guise. […]

Why You Need More Live Entertainment

The average American spends more than 11 hours each day on electronic media, according to Nielsen. This includes time watching live TV, listening to the radio, using smartphones and surfing the Internet. Get away from your usual settings and your electronics, and go to a play, concert, movie or sporting event. Live entertainment often delivers […]

8 Tips to Create a Popular Monthly Bar Crawl

From small town college to New York City, bar crawls are as American as apple pie. Many entrepreneurs attempt their own bar crawl companies, but few last more than a couple months. If you are thinking about stepping up to the plate, know that bar crawls rely on good bars, good people and some basics […]

The Roundup – The Man’s Man

Every man strives to be a part of something bigger. However, all we really need is to believe that we are an important part of the whole. Here are a few of the leading authorities we strive to become a part of each and every week. The 9 Hottest Watches From This Year’s Shows – […]

Top Gear’s Rutledge Wood Talks Cars, Road Trips and Being a Man

Rutledge Wood is the kind of television personality that you just instantly like. He is genuine, funny, car-obsessed and is the one person you’d want to have as your wingman at an auto show. This guy is a host of the History Channel’s Top Gear (US) and Lost in Transmission. He is an NBC correspondent at NASCAR, […]

The Roundup – Be Your Best Self

Part of investing in your best self… is trusting more than just yourself. We all need a high authority to believe in. Here are a few of the leading ‘authorities’ we get much of our inspiration and advice from. At his best, man is the noblest of animals—Separated from law and justice, he is the […]

Brian McKnight Interview – I Feel Like I’m Better Than Ever

It’s about that time – and by that we mean the release of Brian McKnight’s sixteenth album. It will be appropriately titled, “Better,” celebrating the 20 years he has flourished within the music industry. “The truth is,” admits Brian. “I’m in love and love makes us better.” And when a man this good has the […]

Singer Andie Case on Music, 15M Facebook Views in 2 Weeks and What it Takes to Be Her Man

When a female singer has the raw talent to pull in 15 million Facebook views in less that two weeks… yeah, we take notice along with the rest of the world. And when that woman is also as beautiful and captivating on video as Andie Case is, well we like to celebrate the occasion with […]

The Endless Pursuit of Knowledge (and Uselessness)

Every once in a while we discover a new site, and some we just keep going back to. But everyone likes to discover a new online treasure trove or interesting corner of the web. Here’s a few we thought you might like: Camel Camel Camel  – price history and alerts for Amazon A Good Movie To Watch – […]

12 New Words Every Man Should Know

A Portmanteaus is a clever combination of two words used to create a completely new and innovative way to describe something that would normally take you much longer to do using laymen terms. So, to save you from visiting the Urban Dictionary to seek these words out for yourself, we’ve picked out a few of […]