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Jeff Gordon Scares Shi** Out of Disbeliever

Our story begins with a viral video featuring Jeff Gordon called, Test Drive, for Pepsi Max: Well, as it turns out, after the video’s viral success, a few people claimed the entire thing was a hoax… a fake… an embarrassment to Gordon and Pepsi Max. One of the guys behind the disbelievers was automotive journalist, […]

Just Put That Anywhere

Valentine’s Day Prank – The Proposal

If you think you had a bad Valentine’s, imagine how it would feel to get a bouquet of roses thrown in your face after a heartfelt proposal. Now, imagine how you’d feel if you were only watching it. Yeah, pretty awkward, right?

Dragon Baby Kung Fu Video

About the only time it is okay to say the word, “baby,” on a men’s website, is when it also includes the words “Dragon” and “Kung Fu”.

Morning Link Dump – Rules of a Gentleman

Urbasm’s Rules of a Gentleman: Pick her up at the door, rather than sit in your car honking the horn Bring her flowers Take her hand as she steps over a puddle If you orgasm first; apologize before going to sleep Always have something interesting to talk about, such as… – 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe […]

Man Woman Role Reversal At The Bar

What if men were lambs and women were the wolves? Flip Side Answers the question.

Epic Photoshop Failures

Morning Link Dump- The Super Bowl Apologist

Peyton Manning bombed his Super Bowl appearance this week, even though we promised it would be a big showdown (more like a big letdown). To make up for any lack of excitement this may have brought to your week, we’d like to apologize with a collection of the best links on the web. Starting with: – […]