Company Slogans – If They Were Honest

From the mind of Clif Dickens and, comes the top 12 most honest and awesome product slogans we’d never buy into.

The Tug Toner Technique

Working out with machines and weights can be unnatural and boring. Every man has the capability to build strong lean forearms, a chiseled chest, bowed legs, and it all begins with one natural, pleasurable, and simple motion–called the tug toner technique.

Greatest Moments In Product History

There have been many ‘not particularly’ great moments in product history that have involved a lot of complaining. However, the true inspiration behind most every great product idea has not been founded on complaining, but rather the solution to a viable and important ‘complaint’. Velcro In 1948, during a rustic hike into a mountainside, two […]

Morning Link Dump – Logo Pros and Foes

Logos and brands are a way of life. However, what we like even better than the standard swoop and swirl, is when somebody steps outside the box to create something that is truly unique. American football logos redesigned – Football as Football Fashion logo parodies become stylish – NYT Logo Failures – imgur Funniest (Non-Traditional) […]

12 Days of X-Mas – 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

12 Days of X-Mas – 11 Awkward Family Christmas Photos

Morning Link Dump – Best Of

With 2013 coming to a close, we expect to have hoards of “Best of 2013” pictures crammed through the pupils of our eyeballs for the next couple of weeks. To get you warmed up, we’ve scrounged up a few of the best of the best to kick off your weekend. Best and Worst of Celebrities […]

On Losing My Starbucks Gold Card Status

The news was delivered over email. Not face to face, or even by phone. Over email. They may as well have texted. Starbucks demoted my Gold Card to a Green Badge. I’d been a Gold Card Member for nearly five years. It saw me through my Master’s thesis, the writing of three manuscripts, and the […]

Football Season Survival Guide For the Non-Sports Guy

You know the scene: You’re sitting in the barbershop, a lone mute in the midst of a football debate fit for Sports Center. The men spit their opinions and then turn to you, wide-eyed, encouraging you to offer your take, to reveal your loyalties. You can see the speculation in their eyes as they look […]

Mancards- For When You Care Enough Not to Send BS

Urbasm has become of fan of the Mancards website. There’s some very deep thoughts and mushy sentiments here to send all your friends and family. However, everything is cleverly disguised within snarky one-liners, sex, and those innocent looking 1950s pictures. Go ahead, give your bromance some love… but do it in such a way that […]