8 Things Men Need to Know About Reading Women’s Body Language (Infographic)

How many seconds does a woman need to catch your eye in order to know if she’s into you? When a woman tosses her hair while having a conversation, is that generally a good or bad thing? Is a woman board if she is listening to you while resting her chin on her hand? These are […]

Five Minute Lesson on Dressing Dapper

Dressing dapper is at art form that can take years to master. You must consider everything from the fit, fabric, style, knot, pocket square, and shoes to create the ultimate look of a gentleman. However, Custommade.com has fit all these lessons into one infographic and about 5-minutes of your time. via Custommade.com

Year in the Life of a High-Priced Escort – Infographic

A year in the life of a high-priced escort begins by logging hundreds of hours working on her beauty and fitness. However, it ends with over 175 free meals, 60 paid vacations to over 19 different cities, and the possibility of banking just under $3 million. A high-class escort has revealed her productivity for 2013 […]

Barney Stinson And The Evolution of His Style

The character, Barney Stinson, from the television show, How I Met Your Mother, may not have always been a class act. However, his appearance was rarely anything less than stylish. For further proof, we turn to our friends at Stylight.com, who spent hours analyzing every suit and tie combo Stinson ever wore. The result of […]

Fitness Myths Busted

Fitness myths are running rampant in the media and most circles. It’s time to set a few things straight.

The Many Uses for Beer

Beer is one of the wonders of the world. It has a way of making every woman in a room look good, it tastes fabulous as a marinade on just about anything that is dead and red, it makes a perfect garden fertilizer, and can even loosen a rusty bolt (or jammed bra strap). However, […]

Choose the Best Seat in Any House

Whether you are on a plane, at a meeting, or at a movie theater, you must ask yourself the same question, Where should I sit? Is it really always better to be in the front of the plane, the isle, at the back of the theater, or at the head of a table? Let’s find […]

Kiss Her You Fool; But Don’t Do it Like a Fool

The art of kissing can get a little tricky. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you don’t. Kissing is about self-control and letting loose, holding back then plunging forward, taking your time and rushing through, and holding your breath then heaving like a banshee. Imagine each kiss as if […]

What Your Underwear Says About You

Some guys don’t give a lot of thought to their underwear; others spend an entire afternoon looking through their girlfriends closet, deciding on whether to go with the pink lace or crotchless leather. For most, however, these are only about six choices, and these are what they are to the world (err, those who see […]

Hangover Science

We’ve heard this question time and again: What is a hangover? How can I prevent one, and is it true you will wake up with your head shaved, teeth missing, a baby, and a monkey? Well, we’ve seen a lot of babies come out of these, but we’re not too sure about the monkey. I […]