Luxury Ecocapsule Home – Off the Grid, Self Sufficient and Ready to Relocate in Minutes

You know what is the problem with most compact luxury homes? They are still too big to travel with at a moments notice. And the problem with most luxury trailer homes is that they are too reliant on the things which make them luxurious, including electricity and water. Sure, they can hold water in a […]

Have Herschel Gear – Will Travel

Herschel gear is durable, practical, stylish, functional, manly and even a bit innovative. Whether your plans are to tackle the Las Vegas Strip over a weekend or a serious motor bike trip through South America, Hershel has the kind of gear that won’t let you down. Such as… The Nelson The Nelson Backpack is a time-honored […]

Patrona Shirt Shuttle – Because a Crisp Shirt Leaves a Lasting Impression

A hanging garment bag gets one thing right, and that is you don’t want your collared shirt to get dusty while you’re on the road. What it gets wrong, is you don’t want it to be wrinkled and creased either. The Patrona Shirt Shuttle is a solid and lightweight solution for a crease-free commute. It […]

Traveling as a Couple is Good for Your Soul (And Sex)

If you like good sex and great relationships, surveys exclaim that traveling with your partner is one of the easiest ways to package these two benefits into one nice little bouquet of success. Daily life can create a wedge between you and your lover. You’ve both got work, chores, appointments, deadlines, expectations, and business travel, […]

Through Her Eyes

Photographer Murad Osmann documented his travels in a series called Follow Me where his girlfriend leads the way in a series of photos each taken in a similar fashion, where she steers him through a journey across the globe.

Louis Vuitton Designs a Superluggage With Your Name on it

You know the type of guy who likes to monogram his initials into everything he owns. He is confident, proud, no-nonsense, and even though we sometimes make fun of him; deep down we wish we were more like him. There are two times when a man has the opportunity to make a killer impression. When […]

Roadmance – Meeting Women While Traveling for Business

You’ve been traveling for hours. When you finally get off the plane and into a rental car, you find a good place to eat, and head back to your hotel to get some rest. However, your actually not all that tired. You’d like to go out and do something fun, but sitting alone in a […]

Shamrocks, Sunshine & Stout – To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Editors Note: This past March, we were fortunate enough to win the Guinness Storehouse Travel Contest, hosted by the Details Style Network. Our writer responsible for the winning article A Eurotrip of Style, Jason Wilson, received a trip to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. And this is the rest of the story… The foggy haze […]

6 Most Sacred Places in Colorado

“It is not so much that a place heals us—it is our reaction to the place that heals us,” suggests J.Z. Knight, mystic, teacher (Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment), author, and expert in the 2004 film, What the Bleep Do We Know? “There is a restorative essence in nature that causes us to look at life, […]

Dudepins Roundup – Have Car Will Travel

Brought to you by our friends at Dudepins. I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” -George Best